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DLvM Needs You!

DLvM Needs You!

We're all volunteers here at DLvM, so naturally the outside world makes a lot of claims on our time. We don't get to do as much of the fun stuff as we'd like.

That's where you come in!

If you've got writing talent as well as something useful (or fun!) to say about Mises or his ideas, please write to us.

We welcome contributions in the following areas:

  • Study Topics
  • Explanations of Mises' ideas as applicable to everyday economics
  • Discussion of Mises' underlying philosophy (and perhaps an explanation of how it differs from other free-market thinkers)

Of course, you are welcome to come up with other ideas! Innovation is the whole point of capitalism, after all.

We look forward to reading your contributions!

If you do want to contribute to this site, please note the following blurb about the copyright situation.

You will still own the copyright to everything you contribute to DLvM ( This means you are free to re-publish anything you have written here in any media.

If we do accept your contribution for this site, you grant us a non-exclusive right to publish your work in any media.

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